Thursday, 11 May 2017

Rickmansworth Festival Owlsworld Stage Line Up 2017

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Owlsworld Acoustic Stage

Saturday 20th May

11.00 - 11.30

Paul Jones

Acoustic Guitar

11.30 - 12.00

Jess Davidson


12.10 – 12.50

Should be Band

Acoustic Covers

13.00 – 13.45

Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls

OldTime Country Punk

14.00 – 14.45


Country Folk Rock

15.00 – 15.45

Kris wood and the Blues Machines CA.

Canadian Circus Music

16.00 – 16.45

The Zarrs

Blues Folk Rock

17.00 - 18.00

Caution Horses

Folk - Rock

Sunday 21st May

11.00 - 11.45

Phil Day

Folk Blues

12.00 - 12.55

The Ketchell Brothers

Indi Folk

13.00 – 13.45

Harmonica Lewinsky

Blues Harp Ragtime

14.00 – 14.45


Acoustic Folk Duo

15.00 – 15.45

Marky Dawson

Blues Piano RnB

16.00 – 17.00

Dunk and Pete

Acoustic Folk Band

Friday, 28 April 2017

Hatfitz & Cara Robinson

Hatfitz & Cara Robinson - The Cock Inn Monday 1st May for full details follow this link:

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Al Scorch & Jess McIntosh USA - The Cock Inn Sarratt - 05/09/16

Al Scorch & Jess McIntosh USA - The Cock Inn Sarratt - 05/09/16

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Link's to Video as Duo -
Link's to Video as Duo -

Al Scorch grew up in Chicago, with its storied history of corrupt power at the top and righteous fighters and big dreamers at the bottom. From the town that gave the world characters like Studs Terkel, Upton Sinclair, and the anarchists in Bughouse Square, Scorch adds his voice to the choir with the enthusiasm and charisma of a Maxwell Street preacher. He eyes the prize of that ever-elusive promised land that’s worth scrapping for, wherever or whatever it may be. With a stentorian bullhorn of a voice, he exhorts, not with a holy book in his hand, but a banjo and guitar. He’s a messenger and a conduit, a believer that a soul-stirring song will march you forward.
Balanced on wedges of punk, old-time string band, American and European folk, and soulful balladry, Al is an entertainer, road warrior, storyteller, and one helluva musician.

The Old Barn @ The Coq Inn
Church Lane,
Doors Open at 7.30pm. Live Music 8.30pm - till 11.00pm
For more info email or call 07775 526 881

Tickets: we only have 60 tickets on sale for this show!
Door £12 or £12 pre-booked from Paypal 

Via the website

Monday, 6 June 2016

Owlsworld Presents - The Urban Pioneers USA - Cock Inn Sarratt 01/08/2016

Owlsworld Presents - The Urban Pioneers-USA - Cock Inn Sarratt 01/08/2016

Urban Hillbilly Roots (with a smile)

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Mix one part Texas fiddle and one part Tennessee banjo, add doghouse bass and a splash of guitar and you have one heck of a powerful punch called The Urban Pioneers. This string band hammers out a variety of original songs that encompass old time hillbilly music, western swing, rockabilly, and even a few gypsy type songs for good measure. They spend about 75% of the year on tour all over the world delivering their brand of high energy hillbilly folk music.

Until recently, Liz Sloan and Jared McGovern have been household names in the underground roots community because they were outstanding backing musicians, but it didn’t take long for the Urban Pioneers to prove themselves to music lovers of all kinds. Liz and Jared toured and recorded with countless bands in the past but when their last band broke up they decided to give it a go on their own. The Urban Pioneers started out as a means of transportation to pick up a bass that Jared had built down in Florida. The bass was a thousand miles away and the only way the couple knew how to travel is by touring. Jared had recently been trying to learn clawhammer banjo so they wrote some silly songs, recorded them, and joined the Coney Island Road Show that was headed south. They needed to think of a name and a few weeks before a police officer called the urban pioneers because they were “punk kids living in the roughest neighborhood in Pittsburgh”.

The duo was soon joined by Keith Urban from Louisville, KY on the upright bass as well as a handful of guitarists to fill out the sound. With their second album release there is no sign of stopping anytime soon. Be on the lookout for their Vehicle In Transit because the Urban Pioneers are Addicted to
the Road. 

The Old Barn @ The Coq Inn
Church Lane,
Doors Open at 7.30pm. Live Music 8.30pm - till 11.00pm
For more info email or call 07775 526 881

Tickets: we only have 60 tickets on sale for this show!
Door £12 or £12 pre-booked from Paypal 

Via the website

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Owlsworld Presents - Jerron "Blind Boy Paxton" - Sarratt - 25/07/2016

Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton
Blues - Ragtime - Hokum - Old-Time - Appalachian Mountain


Click here for recent BBC clip

Facebook events page: Very pleased to be hosting Jerron Paxton and booking his 2016 tour's, and what better show to host than the amazing Old Barn Sessions at the Cock Inn in Sarratt. 

Blind Boy Paxton is coming to the UK in July to play at Cambridge Folk Festival and we're luckily enough to have him before he gets to big to play our cosy barn stage!  This show will sell out so my your tickets early!

Paxton seems to effortlessly embody the spirit of early music including ragtime, 20's jazz 
and Dust Bowl–era blues, delivering them through a dizzying display of virtuosity on guitar, piano, banjo, and lately, fiddle. And his delivery in dress, manner, speech, and humor of the period is so spot-on that it seems impossible that it is all contained within one so young.
He can usually be found in smart overalls and a starched white shirt buttoned to the top,
with a pocket watch and fob and either a derby hat or yarmulke topping his cherubic face. With his perpetually wry expression, Paxton is part old-school bluesman, part trickster. From looks alone, you might think he was the great-grandson of Willie Dixon or Lemon Jefferson.
Paxton’s talents first came to light a few years ago on the Los Angeles folk circuit with his
sometime playing partner and fellow musical time-machine traveler, Frank Fairfield. Festival appearances and small gigs around the country followed, and now Paxton’s base of operations is New York City, where he’s an essential player in the old-time music scene surrounding Brooklyn’s Jalopy Theater.

The Old Barn @ The Coq Inn
Church Lane,
Doors Open at 7.30pm. Live Music 8.30pm - till 11.00pm
For more info email or call 07775 526 881

Owlsworld & Boxmoor Folk & Roots Presents - FRONT COUNTRY USA - 04/09/2016

Owlsworld & Boxmoor Folk & Roots Presents - FRONT COUNTRY USA

We're very pleased to announce that we have FRONT COUNTRY coming to play an open air concert with us at Fishery Wharf Canalside Cafe on Sept 4th.
Ticket Options

Tickets will be available via Paypal or in person at:
Fishery Wharf Cafe
Fishery Road
T: 07775526881

The Venue Location is a 3 minute walk from Hemel Hempstead station, which is 20mins from London Euston .

Don't ask Front Country what kind of music they play. Just listen.

What started as a group of friends playing bluegrass in San Francisco's Mission District has morphed into a touring powerhouse of song and sound, transcending their humble stringband roots. Front Country's dynamic instrumental textures take flight with grace and gravitas while rooted in the relentlessly soulful vocals of lead singer-songwriter Melody Walker. Along with mandolinist Adam Roszkiewicz, guitarist Jacob Groopman, violinist Leif Karlstrom and bassist Jeremy Darrow, this quintet has been called "passionately intoxicating" and "orchestral" and Melody's bluesy vocals have been described as "rafter-shaking". Seldom traditional, always original, Front Country's new album Sake of the Sound is out now. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Rickmansworth Festival Owlsworld Acoustic Stage 2016

Owlsworld Acoustic Stage 2016

Saturday 21st May 2016
11.30 - 11.55TanglemistAcoustic
12.00 - 12.25Paul JonesAcoustic
12.30 – 12.55Jess
13.00 – 13.55Caution HorsesFolk -
14.00 – 14.45Joe
15.00 – 15.55Red HavenCandian
16.00 – 16.45Jo Carley And The Old Dry SkullsOldTime Country
17.00 - 17.45Sweetcorn BreadBluegrass Hillybilly
18.00 - 19.00FLUTATIOUSFolk - Rock - Jazz -
Sunday 22nd May 2016
11.00 – 11.25Should be BandAcoustic
11.30 - 11.55Should be BandAcoustic
12.00 - 12.55Jo Carley And The Old Dry SkullsOldTime Country
13.10 – 13.55TinlinAcoustic Folk
14.10 – 15.00The SalcuttersTrad Folk
15.10 – 15.55Oka VangaFolk & Roots
16.10 – 17.00Dodo BonesAcoustic


Rickmansworth Festival, Frogmoor Lane, Off Harefld Road,  Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 1NB

Rickmansworth Station: Metropolitan Line, London Underground 

n.b. we are in the same location as last year in the Environment Field
AKA "Rickmansworth Meadow".
Owlsworld and the main public car park are shown on the map below:

A Collection of Video's for Bands Playing Over The Festival Weekend: